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Magento Overview


Magento is your E-Commerce platform.  It is the admin area of your website where you will manage your product catalog, fulfill orders, send email blasts, create coupons and manage the day-to-day happenings of your website.   Below you will find information on each area, or tab, in Magento.


The dashboard give you a quick overview of your site. At a glance, you can see up to the minute sales information. The range is customizable to fit your needs. 



The Sales tab gives you all the tools to pick, pack, ship and manage your orders. This is also the area where you configure your tax settings. 



The Catalog tab has all the tools needed to create and merchandise your products.  The Catalog tab is also where your categories, attributes, search terms and lookbooks are managed.



The Customers tab is where you manage your customer list.



The Promotions tab is where you will create coupon codes and shopping cart price rules for customer discounts.



 The Newsletter tab has the tools to manage your subscriber lists as well as email blasts,



The CMS tab is where you will edit the pages like About Us, Online Policies and Privacy Policy. You can also find the static blocks here.



The Reports tab contains customizable reports that detail sales, shopping cart, product, customer, and search term info and more! In addition, your monthly billing report is in this tab as well.




The System tab is the control center for all the configuration on your site. It is like the "brain" of your site.  It  is where all your site's shipping and payment preferences are controlled, users are managed, your store location information lives, etc. Consequently, there are many areas here that you will be using, like Shipping and Payment Methods under Configuration, Transactional Emails, Permissions, Indexing and Cache Management, etc., but there are also other areas that we ask you not to change. Modifying those areas can result in your site being down or unshoppable. For more information on areas to avoid, click here.


Extension Tabs

There are many extensions that may be implemented on your site, depending on your preferences and design. Some of these extensions will have their own tabs in Magento. This is the area where you will manage the configuration for those specific extensions.