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Preferred Customers and Sale Items


I was having a question about sale items if a preferred customer chooses to buy them. Is there a way that we can make it so that they either only use their preferred customer discount or the sale discount of the item? We don't want to be giving double discounts on sale items!


The way that the preferred discount is set up is that if you have a product with a regular price the preferred discount will be applied at checkout, But if you put that item on sale , checkout will use the lower of the discounted regular price and the sale price.

For example, if you have a product that is regularly $100 and the preferred customer discount is %10, they will see the item as $90 in checkout.
Now if you put that product on sale for $80, the system will look at which is lower and use that one price only.

So in this case it compares the discounted regular price ($90) with the sale price ($80) and uses the lower of the two.

It does not apply the preferred discount to the sale price.