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Store Manager Dashboard


The Store Manager Dashboard is the at-a-glance hub of your Website.  The Dashboard is broken into several primary areas of functionality.  Users designated as Store Administrators or Account Owners will see the full Dashboard when the log into Store Manager.  Store Users do not see the full Dashboard.


Menu Tabs

The menu tabs across the top of the screen lead users into each area of Store Manager.  When a user clicks on any of the tabs, the full menu for that section will load on the left side of the screen.



Orders Block

The orders "block" gives you at a glance information about new orders, orders in processing and how many orders are backordered.  There is also a quick link, Outstanding Orders, which takes you to all orders waiting to be processed.   The search field will allow you to search by customer name or order number.


Products Block

This block displays how many active products you have in your catalog as well as how many products are on sale.  The search field will allow you to search by Store Manager Product ID, SKU, Barcode or product name.


Customers Block

This block shows how many shoppers you have, how many subscribers are on your mailing lists, how many people have unsubscribed and a link to the electronic mailings menu.  The search field allows you to quickly search for a shopper or email subscriber.


Help & Resources

Think of this area as a Store Manager Bulletin Board.  Modern Retail will often post announcements or links to blog or help desk articles that have been recently published.  This "bulletin board" also contains a link to your Support Requests as well as info on how to get Support assistance.  Depending on your POS integration, you may also see the integrator run times.


Performance & Reports

This area will show you a rolling 12 months of gross sales.  After you've been live for one year, you'll see LY sales as well, along with any percent increase or decrease.  The information can be filtered by Gross Sales, Net Sales, Cancelled Items and Returned Items.

  • Gross Sales:  This is the total sales volume you've done in a given month and includes taxes & shipping,  
  • Net Sales:  This is the dollar amount you are billed against.  Taxes, coupons, returns and cancelled items are deducted from the Gross Sales to calculate the Net Sales. 
  • Cancelled Items:  This is the total amount of cancelled items for a given month.
  • Returned Items: This is the total amount of returned items for a given month.



Login Activity

Modern Retail takes site and Store Manager security very seriously.  The login activity displays logs the following information:

  • User Name
  • IP Address of the User
  • Screen Resolution
  • Browser
  • OS (Operating System)
  • User Agent
  • Login Date & Time

This logging is required for PCI Compliance and can help the Support Team solve some support requests.  You will not see Modern Retail staff log ins and should only see your staff login activity in this log.  If you see a user you don't recognize, please notify Support as quickly as possible!