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Store Manager Overview


Store Manager is Modern Retail's powerful E-Commerce engine.  Store Manager is the "backroom" of your website where you will manage your product catalog, fulfill orders, send email blasts, create coupons and manage the day-to-day happenings of your website.   Below you'll find information on each area of Store Manager.


The orders menu in Store Manager gives users all the tools to pick, pack and ship their orders.  There are also great reports available that will detail orders, items ordered, credit card transactions, declined checkouts and more!


The products menu in Store Manager has all the tools needed to create and merchandise your products.  There are great product catalog related reports in this section as well.  The products menu is also where Lookbooks are managed.


The customers menu has the tools & reports to manage your shopper and subscriber lists as well ability to manage coupons and Gift Registry.  There are also reports available for postal and electronic mailing lists, shipping costs, sales tax and other shopper related reports.


The marketing menu has the tools needed tools for email blasts, adding subscribers, controlling your marketplace feeds, viewing website search terms and creating search landing pages.  You can also log into Google Analytics from this menu and access marketing related reports.


The Website menu is where all your site's shipping preferences are controlled, users are managed, your store location information lives and online policies and checkout terms and conditions can be accessed.  In addition, your monthly billing report is in this menu as well as a link to Google Analytics.


The email tab in Store Manager simply links you to web-based email access.  You will have enter your email credentials to use this email portal.  More information on email access as well as how to configure your email accounts can be found here.