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Copying & Pasting from MS Word or Other Outside Sources


You will often hear us say that MS Word is Evil. Don't get us wrong, we use it all the time for documentation, but when it comes to copying and pasting from MS Word into HTML editors (like in Store Manager or WordPress), the hidden formatting can cause havoc with the final online display. 

How to copy and paste into Store Manager

You may want to copy and paste content into your Description Fields in Store Manager. Sometimes our clients will copy from their original source and paste into a Word document, hoping that they can use the Word formatting. Unfortunately, when you do this, you might see different fonts in various sizes, or miscellaneous symbols may show up in place of  apostrophes or quotation marks when you view the final version. 

Following are a few things to keep in mind when copying information into Store Manager from an outside source:

  • Because of the hidden formatting in MS Word, copying and pasting directly from Word into either of the Description Fields, especially the Long Description field, will create all kinds of chaos with your description and how it is displayed on the site.
  • You MUST copy content from the original source (this could be existing online content, something in Word, or even an email), paste it into Notepad (typically found under “Accessories” in your Program menu), and then copy it from Notepad into Store Manager.


  • Even this “trick” isn’t 100% perfect, but it will save you a lot of work re-doing descriptions that have gone wrong! If special characters like apostrophes or quotations display strange symbols online, you can go back and manually type in your character in the html editor.


  •  This same method must be applied to your online policies, electronic mailings and your mailer template fields.

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