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In-store Pick up changes

The multiple option of in-store pick up is not completely deployed yet and there are a few things to do until it is fully installed.
So far, the option has been applied to Page 1 of checkout. If your customers chose the In-store Pick up on this page , they will see the four options and can chose the one they want . This choice will follow them to the next page, step 2 . 



So it will show on Page2 with the store chosen . 

As the enhancement  is not yet applied to page 2, if the person DOES NOT choose the in-store pick up on page1,  then when they get to page 2 they will just have one choice for location.


This location is the location defined in the WEBSITE>Name and address , so you can change it there if needed. 


Once we have the enhancement applied to page2 there will also be a dropdown on Page2  for the customer to choose pick-up location.