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Additional Preferences

In addition to setting the Online Policies, there are several other items that will need to be set or determined before your site goes live. They are all in Store Manager.

Credit Cards

In Store Manager, go to Settings > Website > Preferences. Simply check the credit cards that you will be accepting. Visa and MasterCard are already marked. Don’t forget to check the CVV2 field if you’d like that information at checkout. Modern Retail highly recommends that you ask for the CVV2 at checkout to help prevent fraud and reduce credit card processing costs.

UPS Registration

In Store Manager, go to Website > Preferences > UPS Registration. This must be done before you determine your shipping preferences.  Please make sure your account with UPS is set up at the daily pick up rate. You need to set this up with UPS at the account level. You may need to call UPS to get it set up. It should be noted that just because the UPS comes by the store daily does not mean you are set up for the daily pick up rate.

Shipping Preferences

In Store Manager, go to Settings > Website > Shipping and select the applicable shipping options.

Join Mailing List Email

After a shopper joins your mailing list, they will receive an email from you. If you are offering a coupon code to new subscribers, this is a great place to “reveal” it. In Store Manager, go to Settings > Website >Join/Leave Message. We’ve placed “boilerplate” messages for you; be sure to edit them as needed!