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New Arrivals Page


The New Arrivals Page is an automated page that displays the the new products in order of date created. When you create a new product and it goes live, it is at the top of the page. The page displays the product newest to oldest with in a defined time period. Once the product is older than that time period if falls off the page.


  • The great thing about this page is that you do not have to manually assign products to the page or remove older items.
  • Customers get to see the newest products and do not have to search.
  • You can move products to the top of the page by using the "Make New" button.
  • Store Manager>Products>Newly Added>Edit Product Page and the "Make New" button is in the top right corner.


 Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any way we can have more control over the new arrivals page?     

Another option foregoing the automated page, is to simply change the New Arrivals Page to a new department with that name. You then can assign the products you want on listed on your newest product page to that department.  As it is a department you can use the "Edit Display Order" tool to merchandise the page.