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Bulk Image Upload


Store Manager offers the ability to bulk upload your images instead of uploading images from within a product.  Images have to be named correctly in order for Bulk Image Upload to work successfully. 

In order to be able to bulk upload images to your catalog, you must follow a specific naming structure.  Your Default images must be named using the Product ID found in Store Manager.   The ID is located in multiple places:

  • In the upper left corner of Step 3 when creating a product.


  • In the product catalog, in the first column.


  •  Any of the product reports.


All images must be saved as jpegs and be properly sized before being uploaded.  An example image name ready for bulk image upload might be:

  • MIO01164.jpg

Alternate images can also be uploaded via bulk image upload and should be named like:

  • MIO01164A.jpg
  • MIO01164B.jpg
  • MIO01164C.jpg

Images must be named according to the following before being uploaded:

  • Default Image (Standard) = ABC00123.jpg
  • Small Image (Thumbnail) = ABC00123Thumb.jpg
  • Large Image (Detail) = ABC00123Detail.jpg
  • Alternate Image 1 = ABC00123A.jpg
  • Alternate Image 2 = ABC00123B.jpg
  • Alternate Image 3 = ABC00123C.jpg
  • Alternate Image 4 = ABC00123D.jpg
  • etc.

You do not need to upload the Thumbnail and Detail when creating the product unless you'd like these images to be different than the default image.  The system takes the main image and creates the three sizes used on the site ( Thumbnail, Standard and Detail image) for you.

Now that your images are named correctly, you are ready to bulk upload them in Store Manager.  Follow these steps:

  • Log into Store Manager > Products > Bulk Image Upload.
  • Click Upload and then select your files.
  • You'll see the files upload into Store Manager.



  • When the upload completes, the screen will be blank again.  Don't worry - all your files are now on the Process Images screen!
  • Go to Process Images and process your newly uploaded images. Remember, you do NOT have to check the box next to the image name.