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Product Naming


  • Naming a product should be simple and straight forward.
  • Keep your product names under 70 characters long.
  • Use easy to understand language and avoid industry wording. We also suggest that you follow a format similar to: Short Sleeve Tee – Blue
  • The product name can be separated by any means you like a comma, semi-colon, dash. Whichever you choose, just use it consistently throughout your catalog.
  • As part of your site’s design, the designer’s name is automatically pulled in to the description. The format will be like: Product Name, by Designer XYZ,  and Price.
  • In order for this to happen, its important that you check the appropriate category/designer from the listing when adding a product.

Some marketplaces, like Google Products, will cause an error if you create Product Names longer than 70 characters.  Therefore, it is important to keep your products name shorter than 70 characters.