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Hide Price & Hide Add to Bag (Alerts)


Store Manager has the ability to hide the price of a product and take away the ability for the consumer to add a product to their shopping bag.  You may need to do this if the items you are selling need to be negotiated or pricey and you don't want to show them online.   Additionally, some vendors will allow you to promote their products online but not sell.




Store Manager

You can hide the price and add to bag feature on any product in your catalog by asking Modern Retail to create a Special Alert for you.  This Special Alert can be configured to Hide Price, Hide Add to Bag or both.  Once configured you simply pick the Alert in Store Manager.



Once this Special Alert has been created for you, you simply selected it under Alert on the Product Edit Page.


When using this feature Modern Retail highly recommends you also use the Special Instructions field in Store Manager to let the consumer know this particular item cannot be purchased online.  The Special Instruction could list your store's phone number instructing the shopper to call for additional information and pricing.