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Credit Card Processing


Credit cards can be "automatically" processed in Store Manager when a client has an Gateway account in place.  (See for more information on

Once your Gateway account has been configured in Store Manager, two things will happen:

  1. At checkout, the consumer's card will be pre-authorized.  This means their billing address zip code, credit card information (including the expiration date and CVV2) are verified, and the transaction amount is held against their line of credit or available funds in a bank account when a debit card is used.  Note that their credit card has not been charged.
  2. During order fulfillment, the credit card will be charged using the pre-authorization information.

You can verify both the pre-authorization and final charges a few ways:

  • In the order's history, you'll see the Transaction ID and Approval Code for the pre-authorization.

  • After you've shipped the order, you can see the final transaction approval code in the order's history.
  •  You can also verify the transactions in Reports > Transactions.

    In this report, you'll see 2 lines for every transaction:

    1. The line items with a zero dollar amount are the pre-authorized transactions.
    2. The line item with actual dollar amounts are the final charges.

    This report is date driven and will default to the current month.  The dates can be adjusted as needed.  This report is also exportable to Excel.