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E-Marketing Mailing Template


The mailer template is a pre-configured or designed email template that resembles your homepage.  It  is used to update customers on your subscriber list about specials, new products and other information you may want to share. 

Please note that this page will also show all the previous mailings you have created, whether or not you’ve sent them.  You can always create a mailing ahead of time, and send at a later date.


How to Create a Mailing:

Access the Mailer in Store Manager then click on

  • Create Mailing

  • Select your Template * Initially, you will only have one mailer template.  If you would like additional templates to be created please submit a support request.

  • Click Next and the mailer form will appear for you to fill out



  • SUBJECT: The subject line is the actual subject line that will appear in customer’s inboxes.  We recommend that it is short, to the point and descriptive of the mailer’s content.

  • TEXT SECTION: The large text section will contain the bulk of the information you want to share with shoppers.  You may use different fonts, sizes and colors just as with any word processing editor.  Please do NOT copy and paste from MS Word as the formatting does not carry over.  Be sure to check for typos and spelling errors.

  • IMAGES: You can upload images directly into the mailer as well.  Look in the 3rd row of the toolbar for the picture icon.  Click on it to upload your image. *Note: Many Customers just create a graphic for their mailer.  Please keep the width of images to 500 pixels or smaller.

  • LINKING IMAGES: Please be sure to always link any images/graphics back to your site.

Once you are satisfied with the mailer, select the “save” button on the top of the page.  This will take you to the listing of your mailer with the following options:

  • PREVIEW: Preview will show you a preview of the mailer in a new browser window.  This is a good time to carefully review the mailer.  If you’re not happy with part of the mailer, close the window, edit the mailer, re-save and preview again.

  • EDIT: This allows you to make changes to your mailer.

  • SEND TEST MESSAGE: We recommend sending yourself a test message before sending out your mailing.  This allows you to see what your mailer will look like.

  • SEND MESSAGE: Once you hit Send Message, this mailer will be sent to all subscribers on your mailing list

  • REPORT: The Report option will show statistics about the mailer.

  • DELETE:  Delete will delete a created mailer.  We recommend keeping all old mailers for review and statistics.  You will most likely not delete a mailer.