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Department & Category Headers


Including a header to the top of your Department and Category pages can add a nice visual element to your website and improve your SEO footprint.


Store Manager

You can add headers to both your Department and Category pages by editing them in Store Manager.


Once you are editing the page you can upload images and type in descriptions for the Departments and Categories.


Expand & Collapsing Headers

Adding content to the top of your department, and especially your brand pages, is a very useful SEO technique.  Your SEO consultant will most likely insist on including a huge block of text at the top of these pages. However, adding so much content at the top of the page can get in the way of shopping and is frankly a little ugly.  However, you can "hide" this text from your shoppers while still getting all the SEO benefits by simply including [expand] and [/expand] at the beginning and end of the content you would like to expand or collapse.

In the same Category Header area as described above, simply put [expand] where you want it to start and [/expand] where you want it to end.  Please be sure you put [expand] and [/expand] in lower case letters.

Adding this tag will automatically insert a Read More link at the top of the page.  This link can say and be styled to anything you like.

When visitors click on the link, they are presented with the block of text you added under your Department or Category header.

Modern Retail encourages you to add content like this for every brand or designer in your catalog because it really does help to improve your search engine positioning.