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Supported Marketplaces


The best way to explain a Marketplace is to think of it as an online mall.  Just like a mall in the physical world, a Marketplace includes a bunch of different retailers combined together in one location to make it more convenient on the shopper and hopefully entice them make a purchase.  These Marketplaces help promote and market your products, in return for some sort of commission.

Typically, these marketplaces use one of two cost structures to receive their commission on the goods promoted on their site:

  1. Cost per Click (CPC)
    Marketplaces using this model will charge you whenever a consumer clicks on one of your products within your web site.  What's important to note here is you get charged whether that translates into a sale or not.

  2. Cost per Sale (CPS)
     Marketplaces using this model charge you only if the traffic they send you from their web site translates into a sale.  Marketplaces employing a CPS model do not charge you for traffic that does not convert into a sale.

Supported Marketplaces

Currently, Modern Retail can send your online product catalog to the following marketplaces:

  1. Amazon Product Ads

  2. Amazon Marketplace (Beta)

  3. Commission Junction

  4. Designer Apparel

  5. DealOz

  6. Glam

  7. Google Products

  8. PepperJam

  9. Price for Sure

  10. Price Grabber

  11. Retargeter

  12.  Polyvore

  13. Shop

  14. Shopping

  15. ShopSocially

  16. ShopTab

  17. Shopzilla

  18. Sort Price

  19. The Find Free

  20. Underbid

This list is constantly being updated as new marketplaces are added to Store Manager.  If you would like to send your catalog to a marketplace that's not listed above, please go ahead and submit a Support Request and we'll look into it for you.  Thank you.