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Tips for Your Site's Images


Images on your website, both product and lifestyle photographs, help pull your site together. From creating a vibe to reinforcing your brand to selling products, having the right imagery and using your photos correctly on your site are key to your success. Following you'll find some tips for getting started along with a list of images you will need for your website.


Tips for Getting Started:

  • Crop (or resize) images to the dimensions recommended by your Project Manager based upon your design.
  • Save images as JPEG files.
  • When uploading your images to your site, be sure to write a description in the Title or Alternative Title. This makes your image searchable and improves your search engine optimization. 



Images You Will Need:

Background Images

Depending on the layout of your site, you may or may not need background images.  Background images are generally used for narrower pages to fill out the sides for wider displays. They are often solid colors, patterns or subtle images that compliment that main page layout. 


Slider Images

These are the images that are on your home page. Generally, this is the first thing that people see, so your images should capture your shoppers' attention while reinforcing your brand. 


Shopping Landing Pages

On each of your category landing pages (e.g. Infant, Toddler, Kids, Accessories, Gifts), you will likely have the opportunity to add a header image. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take advantage of this opportunity to further enhance your shopping page.


Content Pages

The content pages are those that don't contain product. They generally include pages such as About Us, Store Hours, Rewards Program, Brands and Contact Us.


Blog Pages

Images on your blog page are key to telling your story - and let's face it - that's what your blog is all about - telling a story.


As you are selecting images for the first time, we recommend clicking through the development site so you can see where these images will live. You’ll see placeholder images for products and pages throughout the site.