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Department Review


The organization and structure of your website starts with your product catalog and how we organize it.  This organization should be intuitive and easy to understand for shoppers.

How and where do I begin?

Think about how your store is organized and how that might be reflected online.  For example, do you sell men's and women's clothing?  Underneath each of those top level areas, how would you list the departments?  Tops, bottoms, etc.

For each department, estimate how many products you’ll have online. Ballpark figures are fine! Remember, Modern Retail believes every color a product comes in should be it’s own product. For example, if a top comes in 4 colors, that's four separate products.  Departments should be "full".  In general, departments should have at least 10-15 items, or a full page, of products.  If a department has about 100 products, consider sub dividing it.