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Domain Names


When Modern Retail started, there was only one property manager in the game, Network Solutions. Over the years, we’ve added 100’s, if not 1000’s of domain names to our “big daddy” account at Network Solutions in an effort to help our clients manage all the info for their domains. While there are cheaper registrars out there now, transferring all those domains would be a huge undertaking, so we made the business decision to stay with Network Solutions

If you’d prefer to leave your domain with your current registrar, we can give you the name server information and manage all the other details on our side, or we can update the name servers for you, but will need access to the account to make those changes.

Please be aware that if we don’t transfer (or register) your domain into our account at Network Solutions, you will be responsible for maintaing the domain, including making sure it does not expire and that the info is secure.


There are 3 pieces to domain management:

  • Where you register the domain

    • Think of the registrar like a property manager for an apartment building. Like a property manager, the registrar keeps track of everyone in the building, makes sure the building (servers) are in good working order, etc.
  • The Name Servers

    • Domain Name Servers (DNS) is like the address of the apartment building. The Name Server entries let’s the internet know where your site is hosted, but not any other specific information.
  • Server info, MX records, etc.

    • These are like the apartment number; they tell the internet where exactly your site is and how to get there.

Registration Information

 As part of the development process, we will need your Domain Name registration information for all domains. The information we will need includes:

  • Who your domain name is currently registered with
  • Your account name
  • Your password

We will need this information so that we can access the domain and update the server information when we’re ready to go live.


Transfer in Progress

Modern Retail will begin transferring your domain(s) to Network Solutions. Once your domain registration has been transferred, Modern Retail will be responsible for renewing your domain when it becomes due. We will pass the cost of the renewal fee on to you, but manage the renewal process as part of our Support Services. Your domain registration will remain in your name, even after it has been transferred to Network Solutions.

When we transfer your domain to Network Solutions, you will not have the ability to edit your domain registration.

We have found this process to be the best approach in preventing expiring domain registrations.