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GoToAssist Access


On occasion, Modern Retail may need access to your PC to install software or help you resolve a technical issue. GoToAssist is a service we use to give us remote access to your personal computer.


Setting up GoToAssist is easy to install and only takes a few minutes. Modern Retail will coordinate a time when you are available for us to configure GoToAssist on your PC. You will need to be in front of your computer as we'll need you to enter your PC's Administrator Password and grant us access.

  1. Modern Retail will start the process when you are ready. When prompted to join the session, click Yes.


  2. Next you'll be asked to enter in your computer's User Name and Windows Password.  This password is not seen or stored by Modern Retail.  Instead, it is used by GoToAssist to grant Modern Retail remote access to your computer. Click Allow Unattended Support.


  3.  Once these steps are done, Modern Retail will have access to your PC, allowing us the ability to install any needed software or help you resolve technical problems.


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