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The content for your site is what makes your site searchable on the web, plus it also provides valuable information for your customers. Your content should be engaging, relevant and original.  For your site, we will need some basic pieces of content. Use these areas to personalize your content when possible, enforcing your brand at the same time.


About Us

This pages tells about your business.  Clients use a varied approach to this page; some will write a brief history of their business, while others will write what prompted them to develop an e-commerce site.  

Whatever your approach, we suggest that you keep the writing consistent with the feel of your site and your brick & mortar store.  Including images on this page is always a good idea!

Contact Us

This page has a form for visitors to fill out in case they have questions for you.  It may also include your store address and hours.  Consider writing a short paragraph to place above the form that includes when your shoppers can expect a response.

Join Mailing List

Typically the mailing list sign up form is in the footer of your site and has room for 1-2 lines of text above the email address submission field.   You may want to create a short blurb about the benefits of being a part of your mailing list (sneak previews, special sales or coupons).


If you haven't started blogging yet, we highly encourage you to start!  Here are some potential topics for your first blog:

  • Coming Soon
  • Welcome to Our New Site