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RICS 7.7 Uploading Export Inventory Quantities Report


The Export Inventory Quantities Report in RICS 7.7 or RICS Enterprise is used to update the products, inventory and price of products in Store Manager.  This report is also used to populate the New POS Products page in Store Manager with all the new products coming over from RICS.

Importing and Uploading

Uploading the Export Inventory Quantities Report from RICS is easy.


  1. Open the CSV2Web program under the Web Site Upload folder.  Click on CSV2Web.


  2. Click the "..." button so you can find the product to be uploaded.



  3. Browse to the directory where you saved the latest version of the Export Inventory Quantities report from RICS and hit the Open button.



  4. Finally hit the Upload button.  The upload or import should start immediately.




  1. You may need to select All files next to the File name if do not see the file being uploaded in the upper part of the window.



  2. You will most likely see the Integrator stall when uploading files in Windows Vista.  This is not a problem with the Integrator but rather a common problem with Windows Vista.  Even though the window says Not Responding, the Integrator is still running!  For very large uploads it may take upwards of 20 minutes or more so please let it run and do not hit the Cancel button.

    We have noticed the upload will say it has stopped around 460 records but will start counting again around 11,600 records.  Again, leave it and it should complete successfully.