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Quickbooks Backdating Integrator


Something is wrong with the Integrator.  POS 29029 is not reflecting the Quantity on Hand after running the Integrator twice.  Record shows updated in Edit Options but Quantity should be zero as seen in Quickbooks.


I believe "back-dating" running the Integrator should solve your problem.  To back-date the Integrator you need to change the "Last Run Date" in the configuration and run the Integrator again.  You can do this by:


  1. Hitting the "Configure..." button to enter the Configuration screen.



  2. Make sure "Unload Items" is checked and change the "Last Run Date" to say 1 WEEK BACK in time and hit the "Save" button.


    People always ask what should I enter for "Last Run Date".  This is actually pretty simple.  Start by going back 1 week in time.  If that doesn't solve the problem try 1 month.  If that doesn't solve it, try 3 months.  You probably shouldn't need to go back farther than 3 months!


  3. Finally, hit the "Run" button.