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Quickbooks POS Integrator Scheduled Task


After you have installed and configured Modern Retail's Quickbooks POS Integrator, most stores will configure Microsoft Windows' Task Scheduler to run the Integrator every hour of the business day.  This task will automatically copy up any new products or inventory changes to Store Manager and copy down to Quickbooks any new orders or customers.  This is an optional task because some stores opt to manually run the Integrator vs. setting up this automated task.

Configuration Instructions

From the Windows START menu go to Control Panel and double-click on the “Scheduled Task” icon in the window.




Double-click on the icon that says “Add Scheduled Task”.




Click the “Next >” button on the Scheduled Task Wizard box.




Highlight “MR Integrator” in the list and hit the “Next >” button.




Select the “Daily” option and hit the “Next >” button.




For “Start time” enter the time you open the store in the morning, pick “Every Day” and hit the “Next >” button.




If prompted please enter in your PC’s user name and password.


Check the box next to “Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finished” and then hit the “Finish” button.




This next step is the MOST CRITICAL step to get right!  Place your cursor after .EXE, enter a space using your spacebar and then a “–u”. (That’s a dash and then a lower case “u” on your keyboard.)  Hit the “Apply” button when done.  Note: The quotes are not needed and have only been included above to emphasize the –u.  Again, there’s a space after .EXE, then a dash and then a lower case u.




The name entered in the Run as box above is the name of your computer, it should not be entered as it is listed above (MODERNRETAIL\support).  Computer Names are typically created automatically for you and often have cryptic entries as the following:




The good news is you should need to enter in the Computer Name and instead only need to enter in the password for you computer by hitting the Set password button.




Now select the “Schedule” tab and hit the “Advanced…” button.




There are several steps you need to perform in this box.  First, check the “Repeat task” box.  Next, enter “1” and “hours” for Every and select the “Duration” option and enter “10” under hours and “0” for minutes.  Lastly, check the “If the task is still running, stop it at this time.” checkbox and hit the “OK” button.




Finally, hit the “OK” button to close the box.




Verify Quickbooks Integrator

Wait one hour and then login to Store Manager.  In bottom left of the main Dashboard you should see the last time the Integrator has run.  If the date and time is today’s date, then you’re all set.