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RetailEdge Setup


To set up the integration with RetailEdge within the POS system, we need the following information to configure the integration on our side.

  • What price fields are used?
    • For example, Price 1 for full price and Price 2 for sale prices.
  • Tax rounding:
    • Do you round sales tax up or down?
  • Coupon SKU
    • Is it set to taxable or not?
  • Is shipping taxable?

Data Verification

In order to make sure your data is coming into Store Manager from Retail Edge, please follow these steps:

  • Log into Store Manager.
    • Your project manager will give you credentials.
  • Go to Products > New POS Products
  • Click Search at the top of the page.
    • If you have marked a lot of products for the web, the page make take a few seconds to load!

That’s it! If your data is coming over, you’ll see products on the New POS Products page. If you don’t see the products you’ve marked for the web on this page, please work with RE Support.