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Network Solutions Outage - October 22, 2013


My website and email are down.


Network Solutions appears to be having a major outage causing problems for many of our clients. We're investigating it now but here's some initial reports from Twitter.


We'll update you as soon as we have more information.  Thank you.

Update @ 12:00 pm CST

We have not seen any official word from Network Solutions yet but this looks to be a widespread problem.  Here's some additional resources to help you:

Update @ 12:30 pm CST

Many websites are down due the Network Solution outage.  Here's a good place to go for more information:


You will see some funky results while Network Solutions is having these issues.  You may find that people can get to your website but cannot Checkout.  You may find that your website works just fine but you can't get in to read your email.  The Internet runs on something called DNS.  DNS tells people where to go when they type in your website address.  It also routes your email appropriately to make sure it gets to the right place.  To make things more complicated DNS “propagates” throughout the Internet so something that’s working for you, may not work for someone else in another location.  It all depends if your particular Internet Service Provider (ISP) and what they have records in DNS for your site.

Update @ 1:20 pm CST

The rumor on the internet is that Network Solution went down due to a Denial of Service Attack (DDoS). 

Update @ 1:36 pm CST

It looks like Network Solutions is back up and running. While we have not seen official word from Network Solutions, what we're hearing from customers and online forums is they are indeed up and running.

Update @ 1:45 pm CST

Our favorite Tweet from today: