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Important Reminder! New Store Manager Login - Sunday, August 25th

Important Reminder!

August 23, 2013

Store Manager Login Change

Last week we sent a newsletter advising you of upcoming changes and improvements to some of our systems. This is to remind you that on Sunday, August 25th, we are rolling out the new and improved Store Manager login page.

If you have not gone into Store Manager and verified your email address, please do so before Sunday to avoid login problems. Learn More.

1. Verify Your Email Address Verify E-Mail
Login to Store Manager. Go to Website, then Users, and verify your e-mail address.


2. New Login Screen New-Login-Screen

If you have verified your e-mail correctly, login to the new screen as usual.


3. Reset Your Password Reset Password

With the new Store Manager login, you can now reset your own password. 


4. Further Assistance Password Instructions Sent

Still have problems logging in? Contact your store administrator for help.

Again, if you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please submit a support request or give us a shout.

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