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WordPress Authentication Required

On Sunday, August 18th, Modern Retail will be rolling out a new security feature to the WordPress Administration login.  This feature will require you to enter a simple username and password before you enter your individual username and password.


The User Name and Password that you need to enter is "modernretail" as shown below.



Most modern browsers allow you to remember this User Name and Password.  Once saved you will not need to enter them again unless they need to be changed.


Once you have entered "modernretail" in both these these fields, you will be prompted to enter your individual Username and Password to get access to WordPress.



I suspect you're probably thinking this isn't much of a security improvement if you are telling everyone the username and password.  To some extent you are right, but remember this new authentication popup is on top of the real WordPress login.  You may also be thinking; then what's the point?  WordPress has become extremely popular over the last few years and this extra security popup stops many of the automated bots from hitting your website to test the WordPress login.  These bots quickly get denied by another security measure we have in place, but the bot doesn't know it and will continue to try to login even though their attempts are failing.  This added security measure stops them in their tracks even sooner because they never even get to the WordPress login page.

We're sorry for the inconvenience adding this additional level of security may cause, but unfortunately there are a lot of bad people out there trying to hack into your website. This is a necessary evil that we must endure to ensure that your site is protected. Thank you for your understanding.