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Store Manager Login Page with Password Reset

On Sunday, August 25th, Modern Retail will rolling out a new and improved Store Manager login page.  This new login page has two big changes:

  1. You will be required to login with your Email Address instead of Username.
  2. You can reset your own Password if necessary.



We need your help to get ready for this rollout!  Because we're switching the login to use your Email Address instead of Username, we need you to login to Store Manager and make sure the email address you have assigned to your account is correct!  You also need to make sure your email account is unique and is not shared with any other account. This must be done prior to August 25th.

You can verify and update your email address in Store Manager by going to Website > Users.  Once there, click on your name to bring up the edit screen and verify your email address.  The email address listed on your account is the one that will be used for the new Store Manager login and where the message will be sent if you need to reset your password.



Your store's website administrator can also help you in updating the Email Address assigned to your account.  Please ask your local administrator for help if you get locked out of Store Manager or need further assistance.  Modern Retail cannot create Store Manager accounts, reset passwords or enable accounts for you; these must be done be done by your store's administrator or account owner.

Again, please make sure to verify your address before Sunday, August 25th so that you will be able to login with the correct e-mail address rather than your user name. Thank you.


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    Does the email address have to one from the store or can my employees use their Gmail accounts?


    You can use any email address you'd like but of course we'd prefer you to use one from your store.

    Here's an interesting article on how important we believe email is to online marketing:



    Date Created: 08/16/13