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Multiple In-Store Pickup Locations

I would like the consumer to be able to choose in Checkout which store they would like to pick up their items.  Right now they can only pick from my main store but I would like them to be able to pick from all 3 of my stores.  Is this possible?


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    We are nearly ready to roll out this enhancement.  This new feature allows you to configure multiple locations for in-store pickup.  Consumers will see these store locations when completing their order in Checkout.


    To configure multiple in-store pickup locations you need to do the following.

    Step 1:  Set Option

    Make sure In-Store Pickup is selected as an option under Website > Preferences > Shipping.


    Step 2:  Configure Stores

    We have added a new Store Locations preference page to Store Manage, allowing you to configure to configure your stores for in-store pickup.  You can find this new option under Website > Preferences > Store Locations.


    At the top of page hit Add Store to enter your store's information.


    Be sure to fill out the complete address for your store and check both Active and In-Store Pickup as options.


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    You will notice there are quite of few other options on this page such as Ship From, Google Geocode, Store Hours and Store News.  These options are planned for a future release and are not being used at this time.


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    This feature was rolled out on November 1, 2012.  The above instructions explain how to enable this feature on your website. If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you.