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Managing the Slideshow (Meteor Slides)


Slideshows are a perfect way to keep your site fresh and link customers to areas within your site you'd like to highlight. We've installed a plugin, Meteor Slides, which allows you to easily add or remove images.

Log into WordPress, click on Slides.  You will see the following Options:

  • Slides
  • Add New
  • Slideshows
  • Settings


When you click on slides you will see all the slides that are currently in your slideshow or any drafts you might have.  This overview is a great way to see the Slide Titles as well if the slide has a link.  (All slides should link to an area in your site)

Add New

Adding a New Slide is easy.  Simply click on Add New and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Title of the Slide
  2. Fill out SEO by Yoast Meta Description - just a quick sentence about the slide.
  3. Set Featured Image (Be sure the slide is already cropped to the correct size)
  4. Add a Slide Link
  5. If you have multiple slide shows check off the appropriate slideshow.  (If no Slideshows are listed then you can skip this step)
  6. Publish
  7. Go to the live site to view the new slide


The settings show you what the height and width the slides should be, the transition style and navigation.

Delete a Slide

To delete a slide go to Slides > Hover over the Slide Title > Click Trash

Slide Show Shortcode

When using just one slideshow here's the appropriate shortcode:

  • [meteor_slideshow]

For more information here's a video that gives a great step-by-step tutorial. The first minute or two of the video is about installing the plug-in; you can skip that.