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WordPress Login


WordPress is your content management system where you will blog, update site content and images.

How to Login

Step 1

Open up your browser

Step 2

Type in your domain address followed by wp-admin



Step 3

You will first be prompted to fill in an authentication form.  This form is to help protect your WordPress site from unauthorized users.  The user name and password is as follows:

  • User Name: modernretail
  • Password: modernretail


Step 4

WordPress Login form will now appear

  • User Name: Configured during setup - this is typically your first name all lowercase or your first initial followed by your last name
  • Password:  Configured during setup


Forgot My Password

Step 1

If you forgot your password click on the Lost Your Password link. 



Step 2

A form will appear.  Fill out your Username or E-Mail then a temporary password will be emailed to you.