Help & Resource Center - Social Media Sharing


Overview is a a popular social networking sharing service that allows you to add widgets to your website, encouraging social sharing to a variety of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few, with a simple click of a button. Modern Retail takes care of adding the code to your site, so there's nothing that you need to do other than make the choice to add it to your website!

How it Works

When you add these widgets to your site on your product page, users can click directly on the icon to add the item to their social networking site. 
The best part is that clicking on the item from the social media page takes you directly back to the site's product page for purchase.
Please note:
  • These widgets are different than the icons typically found on your homepage directing clients to YOUR social networking page (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). These are found on your shopping page and are for clients to post products to THEIR social networking sites.
  • When posting products on your social media pages, you should ALWAYS pin from the addthis widgets so that users can be taken directly back to your shop for purchase.