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Network Solutions Account Access


Looks like our domain name at Network Solutions is being managed by Modern Retail. Can you transfer the domain name to our control?


Yes, this is not a problem, but we need you to agree to the following in order to give you control over your domain name:

  • I understand I'm responsible for the renewal of my domain name.
  • I understand I'm responsible for configuring the DNS entries on my domain correctly.  Failure to configure them correctly could result in the loss of email, email being blocked as SPAM, my website becoming unavailable and potentially other services becoming unavailable.
  • I understand that if I make a mistake with my domain's configuration, my entire website and email could go down. 
  • Modern Retail will issue you a temporary password to your Network Solutions account, which you must change immediately.
  • Questions about your domain name or DNS configuration are billable.

If you are requesting access to your Network Solutions account because you are leaving Modern Retail, that's ok.  Please be honest with us and give us 30 days notice so we can help you with your transition.  Thank you.


Date Created: 05/08/13