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Name Servers & DNS


Can you explain the need for our password for domain vendor and name? GoDaddy customer service rep. couldn't understand the need for this information being provided to your company.


When you’re ready to go live, we need to change the Name Servers at GoDaddy to point to Rackspace. Rackspace is the vendor we use to host your website, email and what’s called your Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is what makes the Internet run because it tells browsers, email, etc. where everything “lives”. When your new site goes live we need to change these records to tell everyone the new location of your website and email. Typically we make these changes for our clients, but we’re just as happy to have you make the change when you’re ready to go live. If you’re interested in making this change yourself, then all you need to do is set your Name Servers to the following DNS Servers:


No other Name Server should be configured except these 2 entries.  Additionally, you should not make this change until your project manager tells you and your new site is ready to go live.


Date Created: 08/9/13