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Migrating from GoDaddy to Rackspace Email


I know you offer email services through Rackspace and I was wondering if you really thought it was worthwhile for me to transfer my email to you guys.  Please let me know. Thank you.



Of course we're a little bias but we believe Rackspace Email is far superior to GoDaddy's email service.  Here's just a few of the benefits:

  • As a Modern Retail client you get at least 10 mailboxes included with your service whether you use them or not!
  • Every mailbox comes with 25 GB of space.  This huge amount of space for all your messages and something you'd get charged more for with GoDaddy.
  • Every mailbox support IMAP, which allows you to synchronize your messages with your mobile devices, home and work computers, etc.
  • Rackspace offers something called Mobile Sync which automatically synchronizes your webmail calendar and contacts with your iPhone and Android devices.  Read More
  • For those power users, Rackspace allows you to have a mixture of Rackspace Email Accounts and Exchange Email Accounts under the same domain.  This is useful for those companies who want to give their owners and top executive Microsoft Exchange and everyone else the most cost effective Rackspace Email solution.
  • While this is subjective, we think Rackspace Email is prettier and easier to use!

Of course Modern Retail will also support you and work with Rackspace if you every run into problems with your email, need to perform email migrations, etc.

GoDaddy Email Example


Rackspace Email Example



Date Created: 12/05/13