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Forwarding Gmail to Store Email Accounts


I understand how Modern Retail feels about the email and how important it is to marketing and would consider running all my Gmail through my store email but would like to have a better understand how that works.


Gmail allows you to forward the email it receives to another email address.  This means all email sent to your Gmail address can be automatically forwarded to your store's email account.  Setting this up is easy!

Simply click on Settings from the Settings menu:


At the top of the page select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then click on the Add a forwarding address button:


From there all you need to do is enter the email address where you'd like you Gmail to be forwarded.  This should be the email address Modern Retail configured for you for your store.


That's it!  Now all the email you receive at your Gmail address will automatically be forwarded to your store's email account.  You can keep this configuration forever but hopefully over time people will come to know you by only your store's email address. 


Modern Retail believes it is extremely important for you to use your store's email address for all correspondences.  We also believe it is important to create a signature on your email account promoting you and your store.  Email is built-in marketing and should not be overlooked!  Please read Email is Marketing for more information.


Date Created: 11/12/13