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Email Forwarding


I would like my store's email address forwarded to my Gmail account so I can answer all my email from there.  How do I forward my messages to my Gmail account?


First of all we believe you have this backwards!  We highly recommend that you forward all your email to your business email account and answer everything using that account.  We believe your store's email address is built-in marketing and everything should be directed there so you can promote your business as much as possible!  Please read the following blog article on this topic:

If you absolutely insist on forwarding your email to another service provider then you can do so by logging into Webmail at:


Once you have logged into Webmail, click on the Settings from the menu in the upper-right and then select Incoming Email.  From there hit the Forwarding tab and change the Status to On.  If you would like to leave a copy of your message on the server before it is forward, please check the Save a copy of forwarded email. Finally, add your email address in the Forward to box.


Modern Retail does not recommend that you forward your business email account anywhere else.  Instead, all should be forwarded to your store's email address because we believe email is built-in, and free, marketing for your business!


Date Created: 06/06/13