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Offline Credit Card Charges


We had a $900 sale come thru the web site. After evaluating the slightly high fraud detection analysis, I decided to not ship it thru a credit card sale thru store manager due to the charge back risk. We had a a large loss earlier in the year due to a similar scenario. Instead I cancelled the sale in store manager and invoiced the customer thru our company PayPal account. The sale has gone thru and payment has cleared. We owe you a commission on the sale. As of now…there is no other way to handle this type of transaction but to cancel and sell outside of the website and store manager. How would you like to handle your billing and other potential transactions like it on our account?


Yes, you are right you are violating your terms of service with Modern Retail when you cancel these orders in Store Manager and ship them out using some other method. This can lead to a cancellation of your services. Additionally, you are sending the consumer the wrong message because you'll actually send them a cancellation notice via email every time you process an order this way. Lastly, they will see the order as being cancelled when viewing it through My Account on your website. I appreciate you making us aware of this situation because there is a better way!

Please go ahead and ship the order as you normally would in Store Manager, you can also print off a UPS Shipping label if necessary. However, to process the charge off-line you will want to uncheck the box next to PROCESS CREDIT CARD. Once you do, you will see it change to an OFFLINE CHARGE. See attached.


Using this approach will ensure your customers still get the correct shipped notifications and will not violate your agreement with Modern Retail.


Date Created: 09/07/13