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Reference Transaction Does Not Meet the Criteria


 I tried to do a return and got the following message:

The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.[54]

The sale was a test order I rang for myself as we were concerned the UPS tracking info might not be emailing to the customer properly. It worked fine. I logged into yesterday and voided the authorization so my card wouldn't be charged.

Is this why the error message came up? Regardless, we should still return or void the order since it didn't really happen.


That's exactly what happened. You voided the order in which caused problems in Store Manager when you tried to do the return (e.g. because the transaction was void it could not do a return). You could have done the same thing in Store Manager by Cancelling the order instead of doing a Return. That way you never need to login into

BTW, good job on placing your own test order to verify if everything was working. I really appreciate you take the initiative. Thank you.


Date Created:  07/17/12