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DropDownDeals Adware


One of our store managers discovered a line of photos appearing on a Stella Carakasi Life is Good Top Page (see attached cell phone pic) she clicked on the photo and it took her to similar merchandise at - she then went back to the same page and clicked on the pink arrow which opened a dialog box that said Drop Down Deals that linked to Nordstrom etc.



If you take a close look at the screen shot you sent us you'll notice it says DropDownDeals above these product promotions.  A quick search on the web reveals this is some sort of virus or adware.  I encourage you to consult your IT administrator immediately to get it removed!

You can read more about this DropDownDeals Adware on a bunch of sites including:

Again, I would encourage you to get with the person responsible for your computers to make sure all computers are free of viruses, malware, adware, etc.


Date Created: 12/17/13