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Managing Images (Dreamweaver or Contribute)


Contribute by Adobe is a program that allows you to manage your site content, but only the text and images on your website. It is a generally a less expensive program, but you are limited on what you can do to your site. Contribute will not allow you to change images that are part of a slide show, but you will have access to all static images and text. Modern Retail can provide initial training to get you going with Adobe Contribute. 



Dreamweaver is a more extensive program that gives you the ability to make any changes to any part of your website. It is more complicated and more expensive, but gives you the ability to do almost anything to your site. When we provide DW access, we expect you have experience with DW as modifications can cause your site to go down.

We do not provide DW training other than the initial help to set the program up and connect to the site server. If you make changes to the site and need our help to repair anything, we must charge for the developers time at our standard hourly rate.


Which ever route you decide to go, let us know the name and email address of the person(s) using the program(s) and we will create individual access info for each user.