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Registering Additional Domain Names


We would like to purchase 10-20 domain names and have them redirected to our homepage. First, do you think this is a good idea? My thinking is that it can't hurt and it's not expensive. Also, if this is a good idea, how do we go about doing this? Do we research what names we want and give you a list and you bill us for them or do we need to just purchase them?


We can register these domain names on your behalf using the credit card we have on file for you. Additional domains are nice, especially for common mis-spellings or something specific to your brand or what you sell. All these domains will be configured using what's called a 301 redirect to make sure they are "Google-friendly". You can see what domains available to purchase by going to

Let us know what domains you'd like to purchase and we'll get it done for you at no charge. However, there is a charge if YOU register these domain names and they later need to be transferred to Network Solutions, so please let us do it for you.

Finally, we do need to charge you to configure these new domains and configure the 301 redirects. However, this won't take us more than about an hour unless you have dozens and dozens of domains to add.

I'm going to close this request but please go ahead and reopen it or create a new request when you're ready. Thank you.

Date Created:  09/18/12