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In-Store iPad Kiosk


Can I set up a kiosk in my store to automatically collect email addresses and add them to our subscriber list?


Yes, we have quite a few clients doing this now.  What many client do is buy an old iPad, even an older iPad 1 on eBay, and run a specially crafted website on it to add people to their mailing list.  They also buy a secured stand for the iPad and lock it down to the checkout counter, desk or wall so someone can't walk away with it.  Finally, a simple app can be purchased to "lock" the iPad's display to this special web page in your site.

Modern Retail can make this special web page in your site in 1 to 2 hours depending upon what you want on the page and what you want it to do.  Generally, the page will include a simple email sign-up form, a graphic to entice the consumer, which you can change, and some special logic on the page to automatically refresh the page after someone has signed up on the list, allowing the next consumer to subscribe.  Stores have purchased different apps but the one a few of our clients are using is PadLock, which can be purchased from the Apple store.

Please create a Support Request if you are interested in Modern Retail creating this special kiosk page for you.