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CMYK Images Not Supported


I'm getting an error when I try to process my images in Store Manager.  Could you please take a look? 


Some of the images you uploaded in Store Manager have a color model called CMYK.  CMYK images are generally created in Photoshop and are typically used for color printing.  Unfortunately, this format does not work with our Image Processing routine, and instead, all images should be RGB.  You can tell if the images you have uploaded to Store Manager are CMYK by using one of the following methods.

  1. Photoshop
    • If you are using Photoshop, simply look at name in the window.  If it says CMYK, it cannot be uploaded to Store Manager.


    • To resolve this problem in Photoshop, use the Save for Web & Devices feature.  When using this option, Photoshop will always create a web-safe image.


  2. Windows Explorer
    • You can also verify if you are using CMYK images from Windows Explorer.  Right-click on the image and select Properties from the menu.


    • From here, click on the Details tab at the top and scroll down until you see Bit depth.  If Bit depth is 32 instead of 24, then your image is a CMYK image.


To fix your images, you should be able to use your favorite Image Editor; even the Paint program that comes with all Microsoft Windows computers will work.  Simply open the file in your image editing program and save it as a JPG image again.  This task will usually convert your image from CMYK to RGB.

After this is done, you can upload your images to Store Manager again. You should no longer run into this problem.


Date Created: 11/18/13