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Product URL Report


We are trying out a trial version of a software called LEAP Commerce. It's a platform that can increase web sales through social signals. What they need is a CSV of all our product on the web that includes:

  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Product Image URL
  • Product URL
  • Product Price

Here's a screen shot from LEAP Commerce:



Exporting reports from Store Manager is easy and something that you can with our Export to Excel feature.  The report I think you need here is the Products report, which you can find under Products > Reports.  To export the report simply click on the Export to Excel link in the upper-right.


This report has everything you need except for two fields, Product Image URL and the Product URL.  However, it is really easy to derive these fields in Excel because all you need to do is Concatenate (a function in Excel) the ID from Column 1 with some standard information.  Here's how you derive the Product Image URL and the Product URL:

  • Product Image URL =CONCATENATE("",ID,".jpg")
  • Product URL = CONCATENATE("",ID)
    • WHERE: ID is Column 1 in the spreadsheet and is the address of your website.

If this is something you need on an on-going basis, then please submit a Support Request and ask for the enhancement.  We should be able to create a standard report for this information.  Thank you.


Date Created: 10/09/13