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UPS Error - Shippers Shipper Number Cannot Be Used


We are trying to finish processing an online order. When we go to ship items, the next page gives us an error message in red saying:

  • The Shippers shipper number cannot be used for the shipment.

What is this, and how can we fix it?



This message is coming straight from UPS and it usually means there's something wrong with your account.  Typically this is a billing issue, like the credit card they have on file is no longer valid, but is could also occur for other reasons such as changes to your UPS account or account number. Please call your UPS representative or go online to resolve the issue.

You may need to verify your UPS Account information stored in Store Manager for your UPS representative, which you can do by going to Website > Preferences > UPS Registration.  This page displays all the UPS account information you have recorded in Store Manager.


The UPS Registration is very picky and all the field listed below must EXACTLY MATCH what you have registered with UPS.  Of course your UPS Account # is the most important field, but having your address or company name wrong can also cause problems with your account.


Until you get this issue resolved with UPS, you will need to mark all shipments as NO LABEL, Off-Line Shipping.  As you might expect this option will not create a UPS label in Store Manager and will rely on you creating a shipping label by some other method such as or the United States Postal Service.


Following the above process will allow you to complete the order in Store Manager and notify the consumer via email that their order has been shipped.


Date Created: 09/29/13