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Finding Archived Product Items


I'm having trouble again finding two tees that we recently got in. We get these every year, but I cannot seem to find them in the Modern Retail system, and they aren't populating on the site.

  1. L/S Scoop Wide Band Shirt - Style #T-141 - POS/Quickbooks #22514
  2. L/S Scoop Wide Band Shirt - Style #T-141 - POS/Quickbooks #22517

Not sure how you found my lost product the last time, but can you help me find these two items?

I've already searched through the archived products from 2010 until now and cannot find the tops. We've had the tops since then, so I'm not sure why they aren't showing up.

I'd appreciate help from your end on figuring this out.


I believe the Archived Product Items report can help you here under Products > Reports in Store Manager.  To make sure I went back in time far enough, I set the Start Date to 2008 and hit Go.


This returned over 17,000 rows which is a lot of data!  Instead of trying to sift through the data in Store Manager, I used the Export to Excel feature to make it easier to sort through the volume of data.


Once in Excel I simply used the Find feature and searched for the QuickBooks Item Number.


Excel quickly found this item number in the SKU field.  Please note the Product ID and the Date Created.


Going back to Store Manager, I entered this date as the Start and End Date in the Archived Products Report.


If you scroll down on the page you'll find your product, RST07201.  A quicker way of finding anything on a web page is to use the search feature built into your browser. I prefer this method because it is really fast and you don't need to sort through a bunch of data.  Hitting the "CTRL" key together with the "F" key allows you to search for items on a page.


Clicking on the Product Name will bring you to the Product Edit page where you can click on the Section, Department and Category; thus allowing you to add the product back to your catalog after you hit Save.


Unfortunately, finding and restoring archived products is a bit involved, but once you understand where to look and how to use Excel to help, you should be able to find any archived product in just a few minutes.


Date Created: 10/09/13