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We deal with a very high profile clientele - people like Luciana Damon, Jennifer Garner and Embeth Daviditz - who don't want their e-mail address to be automatically added when they make a purchase on our website.  This got me thinking, and I now have a whole host of other questions for you!

If someone, let's say John Smith, shops in our brick and mortar store and leaves his e-mail address – and we enter it into Store Manager - would there be any issues if he went to shop online? He would think he was coming to the site for the first time to shop, but when he enters his e-mail address, would it give him any errors or any issues since his e-mail address would already be in the system? Can you explain how that would work if we have just entered an e-mail, but they have never set up a password etc?

What about people who have unsubscribed? Is there a chance that they could be re-introduced to the e-mail list?



Here are some suggestions that might help.

When you get a high profile customer you can immediately unsubscribe them by going to Store Manager > Customers > Subscribers. On this page do the following:

  1. Type in their Name
  2. Click Find Subscriber
  3. Check off the box in front of their e-mail address
  4. Click Unsubscribe


The lists for your Shoppers are different from your Subscribers. When someone shops online, they of course are a shopper, but they are added as a subscriber on your mailing list.  As you know, there is no option to turn this feature off; when shoppers place an order on your site, they automatically get added to your mailing list. Adding additional subscribers either through Store Manager, on your website or from a bulk upload, does not create a "Shopper account" for the consumer. Instead, it simply adds their name and e-mail address to your list of subscribers. Therefore, there's absolutely no problem for these people at Checkout. Additionally, Modern Retail avoids errors at Checkout at all cost because we never want someone to not be able to place an order on your website.

You can see the number of Shoppers and Subscribers on the Dashboard of Store Manager.


Regarding duplicate e-mail address, it is impossible to have duplicate e-mail addresses on your mailing list as that would be disastrous. Once someone's e-mail address is on the list, they cannot be subscribed again. Additionally, if you or they have been unsubscribed from the list, they will not be changed to subscribe again if they place an order on the site. Store Manager already knows they are on your list and wish to be unsubscribed, so it isn't going to change it just because they place an order on the site.


Date Created: 09/07/13