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Store Manager Account Disabled


Why was my Store Manager account disabled?  Because it was disabled I could not log into my account.  Thank you.


Store Manager will automatically lock your account after 3 failed login attempts.  Sometimes this can be caused by you, especially when  CAPS LOCK is turned on by accident.  However, it can also happen when people try to hack your Store Manager account.  We see a lot of hacking attempts coming out of China and Russia.  Some of these attempts are deliberate, while other are automated bots trying common logins and passwords.  Two weeks ago we got hit by a bot net trying millions of login and password combinations.  These people quickly learn they can't get into Store Manager but it can have the unfortunate side-effect of locking your account.

Modern Retail is working on enhancement now that will "shun" this hackers at the firewall, which stops them cold in their tracks.  While this should lessen the chances of your account being locked out, it will not prevent it entirely.


Date Created: 08/10/13


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    Hi! Yesterday and today I was unable to login to MR. This is the second time this has happened. I have been able to remedy it by resetting my password. Upon attempting to login, a message comes up that says "there has been a problem with your login. please see store administrator for assistance." Do you know why this randomly happens?


    Your account will automatically become locked after 3 failed login attempts. This lockout can be caused if you for example you forget that you have your CAP LOCK on or if someone is trying to hack into your account by guessing random passwords.

    Once your account has become locked you must either reset your password as you did or talk to your Store Administrator for assistance.

    I hope that helps and please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.


    Date Created: 12/14/13