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Creating Mailers

How do I create  an electronic mailing to send to my subscriber list.

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    To create an email that you can send to your entire subscriber list you can use the mailing tool in the Marketing section of Store manager.  MARKETING>Mailings


    Choose "create mailing"


    Choose "Next"


    This it the mailer editor screen where you can enter text and use the buttons at the top to style the text and the layout of the mailer.  Using the buttons, you can change the color,size and font of the text. You can also change the alignment of that text.  You can also add HTML by using the "SOURCE" button to see and edit the source code. Click the "source" button to see the code and again to return to the visual editor.

    If you want to add images to the mailer, there is an "image" button which will allow you to add images.



    Clicking on the button will bring up first one pop up window.




    Clicking on the "browse" button will bring up a second window where you can browse for an image on your desktop and upload it to the image server and change the image size if you want. When the image is uploaded successfully you will see the image in the left side of this window.


    Clicking  on the "save" button will then close this second window and you should see the uploaded image in the first pop up window.



    You can now see the image url and the image in the window and if you click on the "link" tab you can add a link to the image. If you want to link to a product on your site, you can go to that product on your site and copy the URL and paste it here. 




    Once the link is set you can hit OK and this window will close and the image should be inserted into the mailer.



    Once you have the image and the link set , press OK and this pop up window will close and the image should appear in the mailer.


    You can then click on the image and use the buttons to align it left, center, or right. Once you have the mailer looking like you want it, you can hit "save" and the mailer will be saved and in your mailings list page.

    After you save the mailer you will see the options page for the mailer:



    Clicking on the Preview button will give you a view of the complete mailer, with header and footer, so you can double check everything looks correct.

    If you notice a spelling error or spacing problem , you can use the Edit button to go back to the editor and make corrections.

    Before you send the mailer to your entire list, it is always recommended that you send a few test messages, using the "Send Test Message" button.

    This will let you send an actual email to a single address to again test that the message looks correct. We recommend you do a few to accounts  like hotmail and gmail .


    Once the  tests have been done and it is looking good, you can then send the email to your entire list using the "Send Message" button

    When the email is sent the status will change to sent and if you click on the email form your mailings list you will see a report buttons which sill give you a simple report on how many were sent  and the percent viewed.